Preserving moments by preserving flowers.

Preserving moments by preserving flowers.

Preserving moments by preserving flowers.Preserving moments by preserving flowers.

Preserving moments by preserving flowers.

Preserving moments by preserving flowers.

Preserving moments by preserving flowers.Preserving moments by preserving flowers.Preserving moments by preserving flowers.


Eternal is crafting moments into memories by preserving flowers - those moments that are truly divinely eternal.

why this all started

Hi friends! My name is Gina. 

And I received the most beautiful bouquet of red roses on Valentine's Day in 2018, from my man who is truly the love of my life. The flowers were like velvet, the color was a deep red which I felt symbolized the deep love that him and I share. I HAD to preserve these. I wanted to keep them forever. So through a process and some research, I found a way to make organic jewelry beads from my red rose petals, strung them on a necklace, and there was magic. 

After that, by a natural sequence of events, this passion project organically grew into something much more real, something that I've named - ETERNAL. It's making organic jewelry and beads out of flower petals so you can keep those flowers forever and preserve how those flowers made you feel, preserve the moments that mean the most to you - those moments that you hold close to your heart and will remain truly divinely eternal.

Flowers are a symbol of LOVE. I love what they represent and I love how they make people feel. 

Flowers typically mark a special occasion or moments in time that hold extra special meaning for people. Like carrying flowers as you walk down the aisle at your wedding, or flowers are present to adorn someone if they have passed, or flowers are given from one person to another as a symbol of their love. Between friends, or people in love, a parent and child, or siblings - between any combination of people or for any kind of love. 

Sometimes there is a significant reason why flowers are gifted, like a holiday or anniversary, and sometimes flowers are given for no reason at all other than to show love. Let's preserve that love.

how this works


1. reach out to place your order

Reach out to Gina via any one of the below options:

  • Fill out the the Contact field below
  • Send an email to
  • Reach out on social media via Instagram @divinelyeternal or on Facebook at ETERNAL, LLC
  • Give Gina a text or call at 401-714-4710

We can discuss how many petals you have to preserve and what we can make with them!

To reference:

  • 12 long stem roses makes about 145 flower beads, which can be strung into a necklace. 
  • 6 regular roses makes about 45 flower beads which can be strung into a bracelet.

The options are endless! 

Let's see how many flower petals you have to preserve and go from there!

2. mail your flower petals

If you have flowers you want to preserve, Eternal will mail you an envelope kit via USPS. In that kit will be a mailing envelope and brown paper bag(s). The mailing envelope will already be addressed and stamps adhered. 

All you have to do is:

  • At the point of your flowers wilting, pluck the petals off the stem and place them in  a bowl in the fridge. Tip: this is to preserve them from getting moldy! Eternal cannot preserve moldy flowers. Eternal CAN preserve dried out petals!
  • When you receive the mailing kit, place the petals in the brown paper bag. Tip: You can stuff as many petals into the brown paper bag and mailing envelope as you can fit!
  • Mail the brown paper bag full of petals back to Eternal using the stamped envelope provided. Drop the mailing envelope into any mailbox. Tip: The stamped envelope provided is a paid flat rate, it doesn't matter the weight of the package or how many petals are in there. As long as the petals are sealed in the envelope, you won't have any trouble mailing them back to Eternal.

Optional - the Intention Form Online:

Eternal provides an Intention Form as part of the experience. You can find this at the top of this website under a page titled " Intention Form." Fill out the Intention Form giving the reasons why you want to preserve your flowers and the reasons why these flowers hold a special place in your heart. Eternal loves to put faces and the story behind each piece. 

3. the process - infused with your intention

Eternal will receive your flower petals and Intention Form online (if you choose to fill it out) and get to work on your beautiful hand made custom piece. 

It takes about 8-12 weeks for the process to be completed. 

The rose clay curating process itself takes many weeks. The petals go through a transformation process from petal to clay to bead. 

Eternal has made a promise to not work on any orders if Gina is not feeling well physically, emotionally, or mentally. These pieces are hand crafted, and so Gina is touching each bead with her own hands. She is very careful to  ensure that only the most positive energy is infused into each piece. 

4. receive + enjoy your personal custom made organic jewelry PIECE

Once your custom piece is finished by the quality standards of Eternal, it will be mailed back to you - for you to keep and preserve your moments forever.



Start preserving your flowers (and moments) right now.

(401) 714-4710

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