Preserving moments by preserving flowers.

Preserving moments by preserving flowers.

Preserving moments by preserving flowers.Preserving moments by preserving flowers.

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Can I do this with dried flowers?

Yes! I've done it a few times where flowers are dried out and it worked, but the beds shrunk down a lot smaller than they usually do when the flowers are still alive. The pieces still came out really beautiful and great for someone who likes something more dainty.

Can this be done with any kind of flower?

I know this process works with roses, calla lillies, and hydrangeas. I am in process of testing out other various flowers, but if you have a specific flower you want preserved, reach out to me and we can see if it will work! 

Do I have to fill out the Intention Form?

Nope, not at all. The Intention Form is purely optional. This is your experience, fill it out or don't, either way you'll have a beautiful hand made piece with your own preserved flowers.

How much does this cost?

Every piece, every flower, and every situation is different. I am currently working through a general pricing list so you can get a ballpark idea of cost and will post on the website soon, but reach out to me and we can discuss pricing.

My flowers are about to wilt, what do I do until I can mail them to you?

At the point of your flowers wilting, pluck the petals from the stem, put the petals in a bowl, and put the bowl in the fridge. This will help preserve the color of the flowers and help eliminate them getting moldy.