Preserving moments by preserving flowers.

Preserving moments by preserving flowers.

Preserving moments by preserving flowers.Preserving moments by preserving flowers.

how this works


1. reach out to place your order

Reach out to me via the Contact field, send an email, or give me a text or call. We can discuss how many petals you have to preserve and what we can make with them. 

To reference:

  • 12 long stem roses makes about 145 beads, which can be strung into a necklace. 
  • 6 regular roses makes about 45 beads which can be strung into a bracelet.

The options are endless! Let's see how many flower petals you have to preserve and go from there!

2. mail your flower petals

If you have flowers you want to preserve, Eternal will mail you an envelope kit via UPS. In that kit will be a mailing label, brown paper bag, and Intention Form. At the point of your flowers wilting, pluck the petals off the stem and place the petals in the brown paper bag. Use the mailing label to ship your petals back to Eternal.

Optional - the Intention Form:

Eternal provides an Intention Form in the envelope kit. Fill out the Intention Form giving the reasons why you want to preserve your flowers, the reasons why these flowers hold a special place in your heart, and your intention will be infused into your flower beads. If you choose to fill the Intention Form out, make sure to mail this back in the envelope along with your flower petals!

3. the process - infused with your intention

Eternal will receive your flower petals and Intention Form and get to work on your beautiful hand made custom piece. 

It takes about 4-6 weeks for the process to be completed.

4. receive + enjoy your personal custom made organic jewelry

Once your custom piece is finished by the quality standards of Eternal, it will be mailed back to you - for you to keep and preserve your moments forever.